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Providing expectant parents with accurate pregnancy calculations so they can plan for the future with confidence and joy.



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Best date range for NT scan:


(12 weeks 3 days to 13 weeks 3 days)

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(19 weeks)

First Heart Tones by Doppler:


(11 to 12 weeks)

Best time to evaluate cervical length in patient with risk factors:


Best time for routine anatomy ultrasound:


(18 to 20 weeks)

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Empowering Parents with Accurate Calculations

Pregnancy Calculator provides expectant parents with precise due date calculations, helping them plan their future with confidence and joy.

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Pregnancy Calculator: Empowering parents with precise due date calculations. Plan your journey, reduce stress, and embrace the joy of parenthood confidently.

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Pregnancy Calculator: Trusted due date predictions for peace of mind.

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